Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Diabolic Erection Enhancers

Boys need their toys to!
     Looking for a little spice? For a step above the average cock ring, try this cock and ball piece. It has a little something extra! 

 The Rouge is a uniquely designed piece that fits tightly over the cock and balls with a perineum stimulator as well with a bulbous anal plug. A built-in compartment designed for a vibrating bullet is located in the base so the wearer can be pushed over the edge with vibration.
  ac580-diabolic-erection-enhancer-on-model-angle   Simply place the penis through the upper ring and the testicles through the lower ring. The flexible TPR material provides just enough give to wear comfortably, while being firm enough to keep a good grip on your package. A perineum stimulator finishes off this diabolical device that keeps your equipment looking great and feeling even better! 
 Measurements: 5.13 inches long, 2.37 inches wide, Cock and Ball Openings have 1.47 inch internal width
Material: TPR
Color: Black

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