Sunday, May 13, 2012

Why Glass?

 Here is a brief summary why Glass Dildos are fast becoming the most popular vibrator/dildo on the market today.....

Glass toys
Cleanliness * Non-porous glass makes clean-up a snap.
Durability * Long lasting material not prone to breakdown over time.
Hypoallergenic * Ideal for those who suffer plastic or rubber issues.
Lubrication Friendly * Ultra-smooth finish is enhanced with lubrication.
Temperature Adjustable * Wands may be warmed or cooled with water.
No Phosphorylates * Glass is naturally phosphorylate- free.

    If you haven’t added glass dildos into your collection of sensual accessories, you’re missing out on an amazing erotic experience. While the texture is decidedly different from silicone or Cyber Skin, glass dildos are remarkably comfortable, and the variety of additions to the basic phallic shape the glass blowers can create provide a dildo experience like no other.

     Your glass dildo can be adorned with nubs, ribs, spirals, and any other adornment that can heighten sensual pleasure. Plus, the range of colors that can be used in glass blowing makes glass dildos the most aesthetically pleasing sensual toys you’ll ever own. Hey, if you want one that glows in the dark, you’ll find plenty to choose from.

    Using a glass dildo isn’t appreciably different from using any other kind of dildo. They’re perfectly safe—the material is hard enough that you don’t have to worry about it breaking during dildo play, though if one gets chipped or cracked after being dropped or falling, discard it. It’s also important to remember that if you want a glass dildo sex for anal play, you need to make very sure that the glass dildo has a wide, flared base.

How To Use a Glass Dildo:
     One attribute glass dildos have that you won’t find with dildos fashioned from other materials is their ability to retain temperature, so before dildo play, you can heat or chill your dildo for some startlingly arousing dildo play. Just be sure to touch your glass dildo to ensure that the temperature is comfortable before beginning dildo play. No sense in inviting a painful accident.

     Glass dildos are also extremely easy to care for. Glass is non-porous, so you don’t have issues with bacteria being trapped within the dildo’s material, and all it takes to clean them is a good scrub and rinse with soap and hot water.

     They’re beautiful, they’re safe, they’re low maintenance—what more could you ask for? Add a glass dildo to your sensual arsenal today and experience its magic.

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