Sunday, May 6, 2012

Define Sexy

    In an digital age of selective eroticism and limited sensual enlightenment, it seems as if the appreciation of Pure Femininity is rapidly fading. There was a time when the wondrous beauty of the unadulterated fleshy feminine form was highly exonerated. Women of all shapes and sizes were respected, cherished and celebrated.


     Size has nothing to do with sexiness! Women are finite creatures of ambiguous design fervently created to give and receive love. The flesh is but one partum of our illustrious being, but it was given so that we may experience the magnificence of His physical grace on a physical level. If our sexuality were unimportant to our total beings, we would be nothing more than a chemical manifestation of probability.

     Somehow, many of you have come to accept that femininity and sensuality have naught to do with sexuality and a woman is not worthy of notice unless she is nearly nude in the various vestiges of the media. This is not to say that a nude woman does not have class. We all get naked at some point or another, but there is a vast difference between nude and lewd.

     The Goddess is slowly dissolving into the abyss. She has been Ms.understood, Ms.represented, Ms.treated and Ms.used for far too long now. Women have got to relearn how to be Naked & Not Ashamed once again. Define your own sexiness, claim your sensuality and explore your sexuality. Reconnect with the Goddess in you.

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