Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Luxe Love from the Fig Leaf Society


Check out our latest Love de Luxe…..

T.O.Y-Thinking Of You Ltd is a new brand designing and manufacturing the highest quality erotic products in the market. Their goal is to celebrate and fulfill the sexual freedom of today's ambitious open minded and dynamic modern society.

T.O.Y-Thinking Of YouBy bringing together meticulous design and imaginative innovation to each creation, they guarantee new experiences with each and every product in their line of Calla Lily Erotic Icons.

ZINIZini logo

Your ultimate libido should be fulfilled with magical ZINI.
For a romantic love life.
For a more spicy love life.
For a safer love life.
For a more intense love life.
For every woman and couple in the world who has all of this at heart.
Make a wish. ZINI will make your secret dreams come true.


Vibozzz - Multi Vibe

Vibozzz logo_111
The sensual revolution begins; introducing the revolutionary Multi Vibe.
Use it before, during and after making love
The Multi Vibe is a revolutionary erotic toy that is designed for making love together but can also be used by woman solo without the toy having to be inserted in the vagina. Although it is designed to be used during sex, the product does not have to be worn inside the vagina.

3 Whisper Quiet Motors
Each of the two fingers contains a (whisper quiet) vibrating motor, that gives a very pleasant feeling with foreplay or with erotic stimulation of the woman’s erogenous area and clitoris both solo or while having sexual intercourse. When having sexual intercourse the fingers slide easily between the man and the woman, giving massage to clitoris and to the whole erogenous area of the woman, and to the erogenous areas of the man at the same time. By moving the toy up and down the vibrating fingers also stimulate testicles. When using the third extra centre vibrating part you will go for the max. And will make even the penis vibrate for an extra sensational feeling.
Vibozzz - Multi Vibe_4_thumbVibozzz - Multi Vibe_5Vibozzz - Multi Vibe_6_thumb

Experience different exiting thrills with the new Multi Vibe
Multi Vibe has two 7-speed motors in the fingers and an on/off mode for the center-motor which makes it possible to experience many different thrills. The feeling of using this toy is incomparable with any feeling you have ever experienced before! The outer shell of the Multi Vibe is made of 100% medical silicone, is very flexible and its unique shape makes it easy to move the toy up and down between the man and the woman. Women will notice it gets easier to have greater orgasms without the hassle of using a normal vibrator and enjoy sex so much more while using the Multi-Vibe. Even for men the feeling is unbelievable, the Multi Vibe stimulating both penis and testicles.
The Multi Vibe comes with a sleek bag to store your precious secret discretely.
Enjoy making love with Multi Vibe!

Total length: 23,2 cm
Uses 3 AAA batteries, not included.


Lovemoiselle - Ceramic Dildo Elodie

Lovemoiselle - Ceramic Dildo Elodie
Ceramic dildo from the brand Lovemoiselle. Elodie is simple in shape but delivering amazing results, is not just perfect for beginners, but also for all those who love minimalism and functionality combined.
Length 210mm
Diameter 31mm

About Ceramic:
Ceramic is a wonderful material to manufacture adult toys. For very long time, sex toys have been seen as ugly, cheaply manufactured items that are strictly taboo. But, public perception has started to change in recent years with the emergence of more design-led product made from higher quality materials. Ceramic raises standards even further elevating sex toys to fabulous piece of sensual art.
Lovemoiselle glazed ceramic toys feature a friction-free finish that is so perfectly silky-smooth, you might not even need to use a lubricant.

Lovemoiselle toys are completely non-porous so don't absorb water or other liquids which, combined with their silky surfaces, makes them the most hygienic and easy to clean adult toys on the market.

You might think that ceramic might be fragile? We use a special manufacturing process to make the Lovemoiselle range exceptionally durable, strong and safe to use. In fact, if you care for your Lovemoiselle toy properly, it will last for a lifetime making it the most very environmentally friendly range too.

Ceramic material has another amazing characteristic in that it absorbs warmth very easily, meaning it warms to your body far faster than glass toys. You'll find that simply holding your Lovemoiselle for few seconds in the hand, is enough to make it comfortably warm. But, of course, if you prefer a cold sensation, you can always put it in the fridge for a minute or two!

About Lovemoiselle:
Lovemoiselle toys are compatible with all known lubricants, we recommend water-based lubricants if necessary.
Lovemoiselle is a modern design studio and manufacturer of chic adult toys made of first class ceramic.
Lovemoiselle's vision is to help human's sexuality to bloom by creating unique and innovative objects that combine perfect function with glamorous design.
Lovemoiselle strive to bring an attractive alternative into the existing sex toy market and help people to forget sexual taboos and let them enjoy their sexuality.

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