Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shapely Love


Moofie kit includes plastic stencils for your intimate designs down there which allows you to create a new style for every occasion.

There are 5 different Moofies in your package!

Crown Moofie: rules. The princess, who becomes a queen of the night showing her dominance.
Teardrop Moofie: makes you cry for more. For romantic souls who prefer tenderness and cuddling.

Sweetheart Moofie: love is in the air. For those who belive in true love and surrender to it completely.

Line Moofie: saimpla and classy. For classy woman who likes to be in touch with modern trends.

Diamond Moofie: let it be cherished. For all who love glitter, luxury and a lot of attention.

The products are of high quality, skin friendly and easy to use.

Including luxurious storage pouch.

How to use Moofie?
1. Trim your hair using scissors or body hair trimmer.
Decide if you need to trim your pubic hair before shaving. It makes the entire process much easier if hair is trimmed to about 2-3 mm or however long your want your design shape to be.

2. Take a shower or bath.
Soften your pubic hair and skin by soaking in a warm bath or by taking a long shower. When you are finished, dry yourself completely. Apply moisturizing shave cream or lotion wherever you will be shaving pubic hair. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes before you shave to moisturize your skin and pubic hair.

3. Select the Moofie stencil/shape
Place the selected stencil on the pubic hair area using one hand or finger.

4. Remove hair around the stencil using razor.
Method 1: Apply a thin layer of shaving gel/foam to your pubic hair. Place the shape u want on your pubic hair and remove hair around the stencil using your razor. Always use a new sharp blade. Keep your skin tight, when shaving. Rinse your razor several times during shaving to get the smoothest, cleanest look.
Method 2: Place the stencil on the desired location. Apply intimate depilatory creme around the stencil. Let the cream work as long as stated in the manufacturer's instructions. Remove the cream and enjoy the result.

5. Aftercare for your skin.
Apply some moisturizer onto the area to prevent ingrown hairs and skin irritation.

6. Keep your design clean.
Every other day look at your design using a mirror. Use a little shaving cream and a razor to shave away any hair stubble to make your design last.

Tips & warnings
- Take your time when shaving.
- Always use a new blade when creating your design.
- Don't use a dull blade when shaving.
- Use firm but gentle strokes when shaving. Avoid scraping your skin.
- Use a gentle soap when cleansing your skin after creating your design.

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